Beatitudes in the Psalms


     The book of Psalms begins with a beatitude and concludes with a thunderous chorus of praise for God (Psalms 146-150).  Between these two terminal points, the blessed are described in the following ways:

  • They do not walk in the ungodly’s counsel, stand in the path of sinners, or sit in the seat of the scornful (1:1).
  • They put their trust in the Son of God (2:12).
  • They have had their transgressions forgiven, their sin covered, and their iniquity not imputed (32:1-2).
  • They have no deceit in their spirit (32:2).
  • They are citizens of the nation whose God is the Lord (33:12).
  • They trust in Jehovah (34:8; 84:12) and do not respect the proud or the apostate (40:5).
  • They are considerate of the poor (41:1).
  • They enjoy God’s fellowship (65:4).
  • They dwell in God’s house and praise Him (84:4).
  • They derive their strength from God and approach life as a pilgrimage (84:5).
  • They walk in the light of God’s countenance (89:15).
  • They are instructed by Jehovah out of this law (94:12).
  • They keep justice and always do righteousness (106:3).
  • They fear the Lord and delight greatly in His commandments (112:1).
  • They are blameless because they walk in the law of the Lord (119:1).
  • They keep Jehovah’s testimonies and seek him with their whole heart (119:2).
  • They fear the Lord and walk in His ways (128:1).

     Enjoying a blessed life is not a deep, dark secret.  God’s Word make it abundantly clear. 

     How blessed are you?

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