The “So Great Salvation”–Part Two

“…how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation..?” (Hebrews 2:3).

It is a haunting question, an epic interrogative which deserves sober, careful consideration.

The salvation of humans from the guilt, shame, shackles, and eternal death of sin which is offered freely in the gospel merits nothing less. It rightfully warrants this because of the vast, superlative magnitude of its greatness.

In addition to the One who purchased it; the disaster from which it rescues; and the eternal blessing it provides (see yesterday’s post). It is the “so great salvation” also because of:

  • The Savior’s love which prompted it. God so loved you and Christ so loves you that the horrors of Calvary were voluntarily embraced. The width, length, depth, and height of such love is incomprehensible. No greater love will ever be found in human history. The riches of Christ’s love for you has no equal or rival.

  • The adversary which opposes it. Christ’s victory over Satan, death, and Hades has enraged your vicious arch-enemy. This spiritual dragon with all his principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual hosts of wickedness will do everything within his power to prevent you from achieving the spiritual victory the gospel of God’s grace makes possible. Rejecting or neglecting the gospel’s offer of salvation is Satan’s sole goal for you.

  • The certainties upon which it is grounded. The faith essential to obeying the gospel is grounded upon the accurate testimony of trustworthy eyewitnesses of the Son of God. It was put into writing by holy men who were guided into all truth by the Spirit of truth and confirmed by the Father via miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit. If the Bible says it, it is true and utterly trustworthy. The testimony of the Lord is sure. Heaven and earth will pass away, but none of the certainties of God’s word will.

Why would you neglect the “so great salvation”?

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