Worldliness (Part Three)

Or do you think that the Scripture says in vain, ‘The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously’? But He gives more grace.(James 4:5-6).

The horrific spiritual cancer called worldliness is a mindset which is focused upon sensual, earthly things. This deadly poison pollutes everything it touches and kills everyone who embraces it.

James is quite plain about how dangerous worldliness is. He minces no words in explaining how completely incompatible it is with one desiring to be genuinely righteous. In verse four he declares: Worldliness is spiritual adultery and Worldliness is spiritual treason. (See yesterday’s blog.) In these verses, James further describes the heinousness of worldliness.

  • Worldliness is a repudiation of the Scriptures. At no place in God’s word will you ever find God’s approval of living for the here and now. Worldliness is a complete repudiation of belief that God is and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Righteousness and worldliness cannot peacefully and acceptably co-exist in a Christian’s heart. To believe in God is to repudiate worldliness. To embrace worldliness is to repudiate God and His word.

  • Worldliness is a perversion of the spiritual. Humans are immortal spirit beings living in a temporary physical body. To use the spiritual capabilities you have—to think, feel, reason, love, plan—to pursue fleeting material things instead of the eternal God and His righteousness is perversion of the highest rank.

  • Worldliness is sin against God’s grace. The purpose of God’s grace is to eliminate ungodliness and worldly lusts in your life (Titus 2:11-12). To “deny” does not mean to indulge, pamper, or satisfy. To view God’s grace as license and permission for worldliness is an egregious sin.

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