To Be a Doer of the Word: A Meek Spirit

“…and receive with meekness the implanted word which is able to save your souls” (James 1:21).

Being a doer of God’s word is imperative.

To become and remain a doer of the word of truth does not happen by accident.

James 1:19-25 identifies four essentials of an honest and good heart. The first two of these are a ready mind and a pure heart (see last two posts). The third trait is meekness of spirit.

To create a successful garden, a plot of land must be cleared of its agricultural debris—trees, roots, rocks, and weeds—then plowed and planted with fertile seed.

For the soil of your heart to bring forth the fruit of obedience in your life, you must remove the spiritual debris of filthiness and wickedness, then receive with meekness the truth.

The word “receive” radiates with the warmth of a hearty, open-armed welcome. It is the natural response of a heart that is eager to learn and desires to do God’s will.

“Meekness” is not weakness. Quite the opposite: It is power under control. It is that self-control which has sprung up from a ready mind which is quick to hear, slow to speak/argue, and slow to wrath. It is that fertility of heart which encompasses the implanted seed of God’s word and refuses to let go of it.

When the living and powerful word of God is planted in the soil of an honest and good heart, meekness is that fertility in the soil which enables the seed to grow deep roots and then produce a vibrant and fruitful plant.

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