According to its superscription, Psalm 92 was written for the Sabbath day.  As it was originally given, the focus of the Sabbath was upon resting from the physical demands of a week full of labor and imitating the pattern given by God in the creation of the universe (Exodus 20:8-11).  When restated by Moses forty years later, it also included the aspect of remembering God’s deliverance from slavery (Deuteronomy 5:12-15).  Therefore, the Sabbath day rightly developed into a day of physical rest and spiritual reflection/worship for the Jews.

     Psalm 92 begins with the declaration that “It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; to declare Your lovingkindness in the morning and Your faithfulness every night…for You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work; I will triumph in the works of Your hands” (vv. 1-2, 4). 

     For a child of God, thanksgiving is not an annual day in November.  It is something that permeates every day’s morning and night (v. 2).  Thanksgiving is good.  Thanksgiving gladdens the heart.  Thanksgiving glorifies God.

     “Be thankful…In everything give thanks” (Colossians 3:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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