The House that Wisdom Built


     “Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn out her seven pillars” (Proverbs 9:1).

     This verse highlights three significant truths about wisdom and how desirable she ought to be to everyone.

  • Wisdom is constructive. Though wisdom has her share of Don’ts which instruct you on how to avoid foolish behavior, she also has her share of Do’s which tell you how to live a constructive, productive life.
  • Wisdom is protective. A well-constructed house provides shelter, safety, and security within its walls.  With the fear of the Lord as the starting point, wisdom’s protective strength increases as your knowledge of the Holy One grows (v. 10).
  • Wisdom is enduring. “Seven pillars” creates an image of perfect strength.  Here is something which will not bend, creak, or collapse when life’s rains descend, floods come, and winds blow.

     What an incredible place for you to call “home”.

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Author: jchowning

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