Another New Song


     Though others had sought to praise Jehovah with previous psalms, the composer of Psalm 149 rightfully believed that it was most fitting to write another.  Therefore, he writes, “Praise the Lord!  Sing to the Lord a new song and His praise in the assembly of saints” (v. 1).  And, apparently, the compiler of the Psalter agreed, for this “new song” was placed within the book’s Hallelujah Chorus” (Psalm 146-150).

     As the beginning and concluding verses demonstrate, this new song of praise was written with the intention of it being sung by God’s joyful saints (v. 5).  The dominant themes of this psalm are:

  • Rejoicing in one’s Maker (v. 2).
  • Being joyful in one’s King (v. 2).
  • Singing praises to the Lord who takes pleasure in His people (v. 4).
  • Praising He Who beautifies the humble with salvation (v. 4).
  • Joyfully singing aloud the high praises of God’s justice and the execution of His written judgment and vengeance upon all the wicked in all the nations (vv. 5-9).

     It is never inappropriate to write a new song of heartfelt praise of the worthy One Who is Creator, Sovereign, Father, Savior, and Judge.

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