The Eye of the Storm


     Although Satan sought to get Jesus to act presumptuously instead of obediently based upon his wresting of Psalm 91, this composition is most illustrative of our Lord’s life.  He lived in great peace while in the midst of titanic spiritual conflict and grave spiritual danger.  When reading Psalm 91, it is easy to focus upon the peace and protection enjoyed and miss the violent storm that swirled around it.

     Consider the extreme danger of the storm—snares (v. 3), perilous pestilence (v. 3), terror by night (v. 5), arrows (v. 5) destruction (v. 6), death (v. 7), evil (v. 10), plague (v. 10), lions (v. 13), cobras (v. 13), and trouble (v. 15).

     The promise of deliverance (v. 3), protection (v. 4), refuge (v. 4), fearlessness (v. 5), and salvation (v. 16) was not for those outside the storm; it was for those inside it, at the very heart of the hurricane.

     Dangerous spiritual storms are a fact of life, especially for those who desire to live godly lives.  The best place to be when one of those storms rages is in the eye of it—in the secret place of the Most High (v. 1), under the shadow of the Almighty (v. 1). 

     “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust’” (v. 2)  Are you living in the eye of the storm?

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