God Has Spoken

The fundamental and essential premise of Hebrews is that “God has spoken” (Hebrews 1:1-2). Of interest is the way the inspired penman repeatedly refers to Scripture throughout the rest of this word of exhortation.

“did He…say” (1:5); “He says” (1:6); “He says” (1:7); “He…said” (1:13); “the Holy Spirit says” (3:7); “He has said” (4:3); “He who said” (5:5); “He testifies” (7:17); “He…said” (7:21); “He says” (8:8); “He said” (10:5); “Him who said” (10:30); “He has promised, saying” (12:26); “He Himself has said” (13:5). Fourteen times an Old Testament quotation is preceded by an express affirmation that the words of Scripture are the words of God.

Only once in the epistle is “it is written” used (10:17).

“It is written” communicates the inflexible finality and enduring authority of the Scriptures. “He says” communicates the ultimate source of the Scriptures.

What the Bible says is what God says. There is perfect correspondence between the two. To know the will of God you must know the written word of God.

What it says, He says.

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