Houses and Builders

For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God” (Hebrews 3:4).

“Every house is built by someone.” The statement is both simple and axiomatic. It is so simple that a young child can easily grasp it. It is so axiomatic that only a completely insane person would even try to deny it.

Regardless of whether it is made of Legos, ice, wood, bricks, or gingerbread, every house is built by someone. The scientific law of causality (i.e., cause and effect) is universal and has no exceptions. This is not a scientific hypothesis or theory; it is a law.

In light of the veracity of the first statement, the second one should be equally obvious—“He who built all things is God.” The massive universe in which we live has only three possible explanations:

  • It has always been (i.e., it is uncaused). Both science and Scripture (Hebrews 1:11) affirm that our universe is not eternal. It is slowly perishing. Eternal things cannot and do not perish. Therefore, it has not always been.

  • It caused itself (i.e., it is its own cause and effect). For our universe to be its own cause and effect is the scientific equivalent to saying, “I’m my own grandpa.” Therefore, the second possible explanation is clearly untrue.

  • It has been caused by someone or something. Given the absurdity of the other two possibilities and the Bible’s resoundingly clear affirmation, the One who built the house we call our universe is God. He “created…said…saw…divided…called…made…set…blessed” it (Genesis 1).

“Every house is built by someone” and “He who built all things is God.”

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