One Lawgiver

There is one Lawgiver who is able to save and to destroy. Who are you to judge another?” (James 4:12).

Evil speaking issues from a presumptuous and arrogant mindset. It falsely views God and His law as inferiors. It embraces the belief that your relationship to God’s law is not one of an inferior authority—where you ought to be a doer of it, but rather of being its superior, thus making you its judge and a judge of all those under it.

James’ decisive refutation of this egregious evil is mathematical and practical: “There is one Lawgiver” (mathematical) “who is able to save and destroy” (practical). If that one Lawgiver can be identified and if that one Lawgiver is not you, then you are not qualified to: 1) judge the law; or 2) speak evil of the law; or 3) speak evil of those under the law.

The Law of Moses was given by God. The perfect law of liberty which replaced the old covenant’s law was given by Christ. Plus, Jesus does have the ability to save and destroy.

Therefore, on mathematical and practical grounds, Jesus is the one (and only) Lawgiver.

Who are YOU to judge another?

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