Liberty of Conscience

Romans 14:1-15:13 is the greatest treatise on liberty of conscience. No greater, more suc­cinct discourse has ever been written. The sturdy pillars of liberty of conscience include:

  • A clear distinction between common beliefs embraced by all and matters of conscience which are unique and personal.

  • A recognition of the ever-besetting human tendency to have an arrogant sense of superi­ority over those whose opinions differ from one’s own.

  • An abiding respect for another’s sincere beliefs.

  • The impossibility of divorcing love of Christ from loving one’s brother or sister in Christ.

  • The correct purpose and use of spiritual strength—to build up, aid, and assist others, not weaken or destroy.

  • The universal right of salvation for all who become citizens of the kingdom of heaven.

  • The pressing need of the weak and vulnerable for warm and loving acceptance as they mature.

  • God’s preeminent and practical example of love, acceptance, and fellowship.

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