The Essentiality of Godly Fear


     According to Psalm 36:1-4 pride, hatred, wickedness, deceit, folly, evil deeds, and a lack of abhorrence of evil are the bitter tares that grow when the fear of God is missing in the soil of your heart.  A healthy fear of God is an essential foundation to your life and to a healthy society.  People who are not afraid to sin have no proper regard for God; however, as Joseph demonstrates, with a proper view of God’s holiness, sin is viewed as the worst thing that can possibly happen and, therefore, is abhorred (Genesis 39:9).

     When Jehovah is not highly regarded and appropriately feared, human rights are aborted.  A society which thinks lowly of God cannot think highly of humanity.  The slippery slope (Romans 1:21-27) that leads to the chasm of personal destruction and societal disintegration (Romans 1:28-32) begins with “although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God” (Romans 1:21).

     When you have not trembled at the holiness of God and the guilt of sin, your perverse view of grace is that of a license to sin.

     In your life, is the fear of God the chief cornerstone or a stone of stumbling and rock of offense?

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