Thy Rod and Staff


     When living by joyful, obedient faith, David found his Shepherd’s rod and staff to be of comfort (Psalm 23:4).  Each piece of the Shepherd’s equipment was a source of security and strength.

     A shepherd’s rod was a club that measured about two feet in length.  Its primary function was to protect.  When a predator such as a lion or wolf attacked a sheep, the shepherd would swing the club in its defense.  If the predator was some distance off, the rod could be hurled like a missile.  This implement might also be used to chasten a wayward sheep.  In this, David found comfort.

     A shepherd’s staff, or crook, was a walking stick that had a hook on one end.  It had several significant uses.  It could pry a sheep loose when it had gotten itself stuck in a tight spot.  It could be used to push branches and brush away from a narrow path.  Its hook could be used to rescue a sheep that had wandered off the path into a crevice or had fallen into a pit.  In this, David found comfort.

     These implements of correction, protection, and direction gave David peace of mind in a world in which the Devil prowls like a roaring lion.  Does the Good Shepherd’s rod and staff bring comfort to you?

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