How to Not be a Spiritual Moron



          Regardless of whether it is used in Greek or English, the term “moron” is not a compliment.

          In the Greek, the word moronos (used by Jesus in Matthew 7:26) denotes someone who is dull or sluggish spiritually speaking. It is the antithesis of an accelerated learner. Ultimately, it denotes someone whose life has been an absolute waste. What a ghastly thought!

          Jesus’ final exhortation in the sermon on the mount (Matthew 7:24-27) includes four practical essentials should you desire to not be a spiritual moron. These are:

  • Understand the purpose of life. Your life is not about consumption but construction. You are a builder (vv. 24, 26), and the house you choose to construct will determine your eternal abode. You can build a temple where God dwells or a prison when sin has enslaved you.
  • Understand the facts of life. Rains descend. Floods come. Winds blow. Your mettle will be tested in every way possible, regardless of the kind of foundation you have (vv. 24, 26). Wishful thinking does not change the harsh facts of life. 
  • Understand the importance of life’s foundation. A solid, steadfast foundation is paramount. It is the difference between “did not fall” (v. 25) and “it fell; and great was its fall” (v. 27). A man who digs deep into the earth and lays the foundation for his life on the rock (Luke 6:48) will never regret his decision.
  • Understand how to build prudently. The sermon on the mount is the world’s most concise, thorough, and practical treatise on righteous living. Whoever hears Jesus’ words in this sermon and does them is wise (v. 24).

         You do not have to be a spiritual moron.

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