The Most Important Question about Your Faith


          There are a variety of questions people ask about their faith—Am I comfortable with it? Does it fit my lifestyle? How many other people believe like I do? Do I believe the same things as my beloved relative—dad, mom, grandfather, and/or grandmother? Does it impress some peer I deem to be important?

          None of these is the most important question needing to be asked about your faith.

          As Jesus clearly illustrates in his climactic exhortation of the sermon on the mount (Matthew 7:24-27), the most important, the most essential question is: Is my faith built on the firm foundation of hearing and doing Jesus’ words or the faulty foundation of hearing and not doing Jesus’ words?

          The fundamental difference between the house which withstood its storms and the house which did not was its foundation. Rock foundations and sand foundations are not synonymous.

          All the attractive, above-ground features of a house are for naught if the foundation is resting upon sand.

          For your spiritual house to be built wisely with an indestructible foundation, you must intentionally do two essential things: 1) listen to the words of Jesus and 2) do them (Matthew 7:24).

          In the final analysis, this is all that really matters about your faith.

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