It is What It is


          The most tantalizing and seductive lie in Satan’s philosophy called Postmodernism is “truth is whatever you believe it is”. With its “virtual reality” capabilities, modern technology offers its own version of this falsehood with its enticing whisper of “reality is whatever you want it to be”. The social chaos found in many places around our country provides sad and disturbing proof of the widespread popularity of these evil mantras, especially among young people.

          The truth about spiritual victory is that it necessitates daily conflict. Regardless of what you or I would like to believe which may differ from this truth, it is what it is.

          The truth about godly living is that it requires a daily passionate pursuit of the righteous will of God in your life. Regardless of what you or I would prefer differently about this reality, it is what it is.

          The truth about tomorrow is that it probably will not be as spiritually carefree and easy as you would like for it to be. It will have its own unique problems. Therefore, worrying about tomorrow and its possible challenges will not improve today, so don’t (Matthew 6:34). It is what it is.

          The truth about God is that He knows what your needs are and the track record of His providence for birds, flowers, and humanity is flawless. Your lack of faith will not negate this truth or this reality. It is what it is.

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Author: jchowning

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