Turned Upside Down


     One of the praiseworthy facts about Jehovah that is listed in Psalm 146 is “the way of the wicked He turns upside down” (v. 9).  The Scriptures contain an impressive track record of God’s ability to do this.

     Joseph’s brothers, for example, were sure they could eliminate him and his divinely communicated dreams of being a ruler over them (Genesis 37:5-8, 18-28).  But, their wicked plot got turned upside down.

     In the days of Queen Esther, wicked Haman built gallows which were about 75 feet high to hang Mordecai upon (Esther 5:14).  His plans were turned upside down and less than 24 hours later, he himself was hanging from them (Esther 6:9-10).

     The high priest Caiaphas determined that it was expedient for Jesus to die for the people so that the whole nation should not perish (John 11:50).  Though Jesus was put to death, it did not result in His elimination; God turned the way of the wicked upside down through Christ’s resurrection and Jesus then gathered into one nation—the church—the children of God (John 11:52).

     How praiseworthy is the God Who has and still does take the way of the wicked and turn it upside down!

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