Sons and Daughters


     Because the vile lie of postmodernism—that truth is whatever I believe it is—has been applied to human sexuality, a growing babble of chaos has been injected into our society.

     The Bible contains no such confusion and evil: God created all of humanity in His image; there are only two sexes/genders; and, each gender is unique and purposefully created (Genesis 1:27).  God deliberately constructed women to complement and complete men (Genesis 2:22).  Because of this, when a lawful marriage of one man and one woman occurs, they become one (Genesis 2:24).

     Each sex plays a distinct and essential role in the health and well-being of human civilization.  When talking about children in Psalm 144, David writes of sons “as plants grown up in their youth” and daughters “as pillars (“corner pillars” is the NKJV’s footnote), sculptured in palace style” (v. 12).  What a fascinating, thought-provoking choice of similes.

     Males are like vigorous, active plants.  For them to be productive, they—like all plants—must be pruned often and purposefully so that their innate vigor is focused and channeled into productive/fruitful ways.

     Females are like strong, supportive, beautiful pillars that hold up the essential structures of family, church, and nation.  Their quiet strength of virtue and the beauty of their holiness permeate their environment and add an adorning loveliness that whets one’s appetite for heaven. 

     How blessed are the people who understand their innate characteristics—intentionally different between the sexes—and then live according to God’s perfect plan.

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