Peace in a World of Injustice


     A corrupt legal system that dispenses injustice as frequently or more often than it does true justice is nothing new in our world.     David prayed against the deeds of the wicked and their judges who legally aided and abetted their evil and left the bones of their victims in their wake (Psalm 141:5-7).  Such injustice is maddening to the innocent.  Such injustice torments the sensitive soul of the righteous.  How can one find peace in such a wicked world of injustice?

     David did it by doing the following:

  • He kept his eyes upon God and took refuge in Him (Psalm 141:8).
  • He prayed for God’s protection from the snares and traps of the workers of iniquity (Psalm 141:9).
  • He requested God that the wicked fall into their own nets, so that he could escape safely (Psalm 141:10).

     Do not let evildoers rob you of peace. 

     It’s not necessary.

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Author: jchowning

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