The Lord is my Helper and Keeper


     The setting of Psalm 121 is of a pilgrim some distance from Jerusalem who can lift up his eyes and see the hills which encircle the temple (v. 1).  With this view on his horizon, he asks, “From whence comes my help?” (v. 1).  The answer is resounding and emphatic.

     The Lord is my helper (v. 2).  He who made heaven and earth will not allow my foot to be moved (vv. 2-3).  He is ever watchful of me and all His people because He neither slumbers nor sleeps (vv. 3-4).

     The Lord is my keeper (v. 5).  His protective care shades me from the sun and moon (vv. 5-6).  He keeps me from all evil and preserves my soul (v. 7) now and forevermore (v. 8).

     Oh, how this unnamed pilgrim so longed for this arrival in the holy city to joyfully worship the One who is His helper and keeper! 

     Do you? 

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Author: jchowning

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