The Value of God’s Word in Trials


     Over twenty verses in Psalm 119’s tribute to God’s Word refer to diverse trials faced by the author.  He was reproached (vv. 22-23, 51, 69), mistreated (vv. 61, 78), plotted against (vv. 95, 110), and had continuous opposition from his enemies (vv. 98, 115).  Obviously, he knew a thing or two about life’s trials.

     His response during such unpleasant circumstances is truly noteworthy.  He sought to:

  • Be reverent toward God’s Word (v. 161).
  • Meditate upon Jehovah’s statutes (vv. 23, 78).
  • Remember God’s law (v. 61).
  • Be revived according to God’s Word (vv. 25, 107).
  • Keep, not forsake or stray from, God’s precepts (vv. 87, 110, 134).
  • Give attention to God’s testimonies (v. 95).
  • Be strengthened according to God’s Word (v. 28).
  • Delight in God’s commandments (v. 143).
  • Not turn from God’s testimonies (v. 157).

     What a source of comfort and hope God’s Word is during life’s darkest hours! (Romans 15:4). 

     Is it a fragile relic or an essential asset during your life’s rain, floods, and winds (Matthew 7:25-27)?

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