The Best Life

     Without a doubt there has always been a distinct difference between the carnal definition of the best life and God’s.  Psalm 119:11 encapsulates quite nicely God’s description of the best life possible.  Here, it is written, “Thy word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against Thee.”  The three ingredients of the best life are:

  • Pursuing the best treasure—God’s Word. The inspired, all-sufficient, authoritative, imperishable word of God—the perfect law of liberty—which is able to convert, feed, guide, equip, comfort, warn, build up, and correct the child of God is the greatest treasure found on planet Earth.  It is the pre-eminent treasure.
  • Hiding the best treasure in the best place—your heart. The Scriptures are not intended to be embraced theoretically but actually.  They are safest when engrafted in your heart.  This is the greatest and best storehouse in which to keep the world’s greatest treasure.
  • Retaining the best treasure for the best reason—prevention of sin. Your life is best lived when you earnestly and constantly strive to sin less and less.  A holy life is the best life.  A holy life is possible because of the Holy Scriptures.

     Are you living the best life?

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