Jacob’s Faith

By faith Jacob, when he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff” (Hebrews 11:21).

Without faith, Jacob would have died at the age of 147 as a bitter old man.

Life had left some nasty scars on his soul: deceived by Laban; a raped daughter; bereaved by the untimely death of Rachel; devastated by the evidence of Joseph’s apparent death, followed by two hard decades of heartache, grief, and loss. The losses of a beloved wife and beloved son are two of life’s most challenging trials.

Yet, Jacob and his faith persevered. In his final hours upon this earth, Jacob was mindful of God’s providential care and utter trustworthiness (Genesis 48:15-16). Therefore, he blessed his grandsons Manasseh and Ephraim—granting Joseph an inheritance twice as much as his brothers, then he worshiped God, “drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last” (Genesis 49:33).

Jacob ran with endurance the race of faith. He and his faith got back up one more time than they were knocked down. He finished the course.

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