But, Beloved

But, beloved, we are confident of better things concerning you, yes, things that accompany salvation, though we speak in this manner” (Hebrews 6:9).

Love is not a mushy sentimentality which overlooks a real and present danger to your loved one. Such “love” is foolish and deadly.

Because the divine and human authors of Hebrews cared deeply and sincerely about their readers, there are several passages of text in this epistle which rebuke sharply and warn vigorously. This is not because of animosity or apathy. It is because of love.

“But, beloved…” is intentional. Speaking plainly and passionately about the horrors of apostasy (Hebrews 6:1-8) was not done out of ill will or anger; it was done out of intense love.

Not only does “God so love…” explain why the Son of God came to earth and died at Calvary, it also explains why God’s word was written in a plain and forthright manner in the first century. God pulls no punches because He does not want your life and eternity to be one of spiritual failure.

Beloved, He seeks just the opposite for you.

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