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          One effective advertising approach used by weight loss companies is the “Before” and “After” method. Here is “Barry the Blimp” before he used our product; here is “Barry the Buff” after using it. This technique allows everyone to see with his own eyes what a difference exists between then and now.

          In Ephesians 2:11-22 the apostle Paul’s inspired pen focuses upon the superlative greatness of Jesus’ temple, especially for the Gentiles. To prove this, there are six specific “Before” (or “at that time”—v. 12) and “After” (or “But now”—v. 13) comparisons. Consider them:

  • “At that time” you were without Christ (v. 12). “But now” you are in Christ (v. 13).
  • “At that time” you were excluded from the commonwealth of Israel (v. 12). “But now” you are fellow citizens with God’s people (v. 19).
  • “At that time” you were strangers to the covenants of promise (v. 12). “But now” you are members of God’s family/household (v. 19).
  • “At that time” you were without God (v. 12). “But now” you are part of the dwelling place of God in the Spirit (v. 22).
  • “At that time” you were afar off (v. 13). “But now” you are brought near by the blood of Christ (v. 13).
  • “At that time” you were at enmity with God and your fellow man (v. 16). “But now” you are at peace (vv. 14-16).

          Spiritually speaking, you are at this very moment either on the “At that time” or “But now” side of the gospel.

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