God’s Power on Display: Transformation


          The etymological root of our English word “metamorphosis” is the Greek language. Used four times in the New Testament, metamorphoo is used twice to describe Jesus’ transfiguration (Matthew 17:2; Mark 9:2) and twice to depict a Christian’s spiritual transformation (Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 3:18).

          Though the word itself does not appear in Ephesians 2:1-10, the passage contains two beautiful descriptions of God’s stunning metamorphic power.

          Like a homely caterpillar, God starts with those who are dead in their trespasses and sins (v. 1)—sons of disobedience (v. 2) who are doomed because they are “by nature children of wrath” (v. 3). Then, within the chrysalis of His gospel, they are transformed with and by Christ into a radiant exhibition of the exceeding riches of God’s grace (v. 7). This breathtaking symphony of God’s transforming power is a glorious ode/poem (poiema—v. 10) of the stupendous spiritual victory which comes by God’s grace through a human’s faith.

          Salvation by grace through faith is a gift from God (v. 8). It is also a continuous and eternal exhibition of God’s incredible metamorphic power and an epic spiritual poem written in real time by those who are in Christ Jesus.

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