How Spiritually Mature are You?


          By divine design, there is a difference between the values and attitudes of a young child and those of a mature adult. A child speaks, understands, and thinks differently than an adult, and when he has matured, he puts away childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11).

          Etymologically speaking, the Greek verb “mock” (empaizo) is derived from a preposition (en) and a verb (paizo); together these words literally mean “in a childish way”. Spiritually speaking, a mocker is someone who values and views God’s word in a childish way (i.e. without reverence and sobriety).

          Instead of receiving God’s word with meekness and engrafting it into his heart, a mocker considers it a toy to be played with and entertained by/laughed at. It was this very irreverence for God’s spokesman Elisha that got forty-two youths harmed by two females bears (2 Kings 2:24-25).

          The spiritually immature—who desire to walk according to their own selfish, foolish, and ungodly lusts (Jude 18)—fail to value and view God’s word with the appropriate reverence and submission. They are sensual people who cause division and are void of a spiritual mindset (Jude 19).

          Your spiritual maturity can easily be gauged by your attitude toward the Scriptures: Does your heart (like the Psalmist—Psalm 119:161) stand in awe of God’s word?

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