Rules for Life


          Every person lives by some overriding code of conduct.

          You have four basic choices.

  • The Iron Rule. Its mantra is “Might makes right.” An untold amount of bloodshed permeates human history as chilling evidence of its existence.
  • The Brass Rule. Its mantra is “Do unto others as they have done unto you.” Like a chameleon, your behavior blends in with your environment. Your circumstances and your treatment by others determine your behavior. You ever live in a reactionary state.
  • The Silver Rule. Its mantra is “Do not do unto others anything you do not want done to you.” This approach to life seeks to reduce the amount of evil done in this world. This is good, but it has no plan for victory over evil. At best, good and evil end in a tie.
  • The Golden Rule. Its mantra is “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” It seeks to love your neighbor as yourself and to overcome evil with good. Living by righteous principles of conduct—regardless of your circumstances—is your aim because who you are and living according to what you believe are your focus.

           Iron. Brass. Silver. Gold.

           Your quality of life is determined by the rule you choose for it.

           Which rule are you living by?

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