Another Telltale Characteristic of Righteous Judgment–Part Two


          In our consideration of Matthew 7, we have identified four telltale characteristics of righteous judgment. They are: Intentionally avoid using unrighteous judgment (v. 1), Deliberately avoid using hypocritical judgment (v. 2-4), Engage in self-examination before taking action (v. 5), and Don’t waste your time on spiritually toxic people (v. 6).

          Verse seven contains the next distinguishing feature of righteous judgment—Make accuracy your highest priority. Jesus’ specific instructions are “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

          Because righteous judgment takes action to help another (verses 3-4) and that action is a most delicate procedure—like removing a foreign object from a brother’s eye, accuracy is imperative.

          About ten years ago, I had a cataract removed and a new lens put in my left eye. Both my optometrist in his office and the eye surgeon on the day of the procedure measured and re-measured my eye before the old lens came out and the new one was put in.

          I was most thankful these doctors prioritized accuracy and precision so highly. Can you imagine any worse sound that an eye surgeon saying “Oops!” while operating on you?

          Practicing righteous judgment is like performing eye surgery. Accuracy is imperative.

          Therefore, ask and keep asking. Seek and keep seeking. Investigate thoroughly and persistently. Make accuracy your highest priority.

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