Dieting vs. Fasting



          Before she had reached her 25th birthday and I had reached my 21st, Mary died.

          Though I never read her death certificate, I would guess it stated she died of cancer. But, that is not what killed her: the lethal combination of anorexia and bulimia did.

          Somewhere in her life, Mary picked up the notion that she was fat. In addition to constant dieting, she became obsessed with rigorous exercise. Whenever she did eat, she usually sought to force herself to vomit, a punishment for succumbing to the agony of her hunger.

          By the time she died, Mary weighed under 100 pounds. Her young body had no capable resources to battle the vicious attack cancer made on her health. She lost her fight within a few months after cancer’s first assault.

          Tragically, Mary’s focus in her life was her figure, not her faith. Being slender was more important to her than being holy.

          How often have you decided to diet—to go without food—because of the flaws you have found in your figure (the outer person)?

          How often have you decided to fast—to go without food—because of the flaws you have found in your faith (the inner person)?

          I am too much like Mary.

          What about you?


*To protect her real identity, I have used Mary instead.

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