Jehovah and Divorce Part One


          God hates divorce (Malachi 2:16).

          As Jesus so insightfully explains in Matthew 19:8, Jehovah opted in the Law of Moses to tolerate divorce because of humanity’s hardness of heart. From the Garden of Eden, the divine plan for human happiness has always been one man and one woman for life.

          Two imperfect humans joined into one by God until death severs their union. Two imperfect humans expected by God to make their marriage last a lifetime.

          One man and one woman for life.

          Yet, because a vile husband—an utterly worthless scoundrel—can so abhor God’s will that he becomes harsh, inhumane, and completely uncivil toward his wife, God permitted divorce in the Old Testament (see Deuteronomy 24:1-4). Unlike the teaching of the Quran, such beastly mistreatment of a woman was unacceptable in Judaism. 

          To protect a Jewish woman who found such disfavor in her husband’s eyes, a certificate of divorce was drawn up, and the mentally abused and emotionally mistreated woman was forever free from the cad. Her days of enduring her husband’s hostility and malice were permanently over.

          Because of hardness of heart, God permitted divorce in the Old Testament.

          That, in no way, diminished His hatred of divorce.

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