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     One of the heinous and arrogant absurdities of postmodernism is its insane postulate that truth and reality are whatever one choses to believe them to be.  What philosophical and metaphysical nonsense!  Much like the name of God (Exodus 3:14), reality is what it is.  All the vocal protests, organized marches, symbolic ribbons, and pink hats in the world will not affect in any way the fact that Jehovah has set His King upon His holy hill of Zion.  All the anger and angst in the universe will not change the fact that Jesus of Nazareth who was born of the seed of David was declared to be the Son of God with power by His resurrection from the dead (Romans 1:3-4).  Like any other fact of history, no one living today can change the events of yesterday. 

     And, the events of history are pretty straightforward:  Jesus, the Son of God, has been given all authority in heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18).  Every creature of every nation is accountable to Him because the ends of the earth are His possession; His sovereignty is absolute and cannot be overthrown or averted (Psalm 2:8). 

     In light of these “ungetoverable” facts, God has lovingly and tenderly given humanity some wise, practical divine advice in Psalm 2:11-12; it is:

  • Serve the Lord with fear of displeasing Him, instead of opposing Him with vain and foolish wrath.
  • Rejoice with trembling in the protection of God’s sovereignty, instead of raging against it.
  • Love, adore, and venerate the sovereign Son, instead of rebelling against Him.
  • Understand the immensity of the folly of opposing God, and repent.
  • Put your wholehearted trust in Him, instead of wholehearted rebellion.

     If you carefully follow this divine advice, you will be blessed.  You have God’s word on it (Psalm 2:12).

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