Why is the God Who so Loved the World so Hated?

     Long before the loving and innocent Son of God was taken by the hands of lawless men and brutally crucified, David (according to Acts 4:25) asked the same question in Psalm 2:1–“Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing?”  Like most state, national, and international civil rulers today, the kings of the earth and rulers of David’s day were forming and fomenting plans against the Lord and His Anointed, saying, “Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us” (Psalm 2:2-3).  Why is the God Who so loved the world so hated? 

     Why do the media thrill at the opportunity to rail against Christ and Biblical instruction while showing reverent deference and immense respect for the vicious, blood-thirsty teachings and actions of those who follow the Quran?  Why are America’s deceased Founding Fathers routinely vilified for owning slaves while the widespread subjugation of multitudes of people today by Muslims is ignored?  Why the hypocrisy of defending the most vile of pornographers and their freedom of speech while denying a public statement of the most tender of invitations found in the gospel?  Why call the Bible a book of fables and label Jehovah as an imaginary being and then demand that both be thoroughly eradicated from all public property?  (Grimms’ Fairy Tales and Peter Pan are not treated like that!)  Why is a bakery sued for refusing to make a cake for a homosexual couple, but lunches in public school cafeterias have to be respectful of the dietary laws mandated by the faith of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists?  Why is the God who so loved the world so hated?

     Psalm 2:3 answers this question:  Satan has convinced multitudes that it is possible to have absolute freedom from the sovereignty and authority of God. 

     Friend, that ain’t gonna happen.  Ever.                        


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Author: jchowning

2 thoughts on “Why is the God Who so Loved the World so Hated?

  1. John you are correct in your answer. Man since the beginning of time has sought to eradicate the one true God. Perhaps today more than ever the hatred of God and His authority is clear. The true freedom of man can only be found in our Creator. Man has failed to understand that the things of this world are but temporary and that one day we will all be held accountable when we stand before the Lord in judgment. I appreciate your diligent work and urge to continue to try and reach those who are lost.

    God bless
    Jim Miller

  2. unfortunately, that is the world we face today, but it’s not going to be long when Christ will appear.

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