The Sport of Fools


     Contests of athletic and mental prowess—i.e. sports—have permeated human history.  Feats of strength, skill, stamina, and toughness have always energized the competitive spirit of humans.  Over two thousand years ago, both the Greeks and the Corinthians hosted their own athletic games.

     Of all the sports invented by the creative abilities of the human mind, none is as inane and worthless as the enduring sport of fools: “To do evil is like sport to a fool” (Proverbs 10:23).

     It is foolish to think that evil is something as trivial and insignificant as a frivolous contest.  Life’s most sobering realities—death and hell—are the ultimate outcomes of evil.  How foolish to minimize wickedness into something so petty as a game.

     It is foolish to think that evil is something you want to make a competition out of.  In several things, competition may bring about good, not so with evil.  The only winner in this contest is the devil; every participant in this sick sport is a Loser.  Every time.

     It is foolish to want to be the most successful participant in this sport.  Earning the distinction of being the best and biggest fool—the Greatest Of All Time—is an incredibly ignoble goal to have for your life.

     This is one sport you need to avoid at all costs.

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