How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep–The First Essential

     Satan has been, is, and will ever continue to war against God and His people.  He relentlessly seeks to terrorize God’s people.  He loves the weapon of fear.  Like us, David was not immune to such carefully planned and precisely implemented acts of spiritual terrorism.  The setting of Psalm 3 indicates that David was facing an uncertain future, feeling immense distress and emotional strain, and enduring vicious and false personal attacks.  He was a marked man with a bounty on his head and an army of many searching for one royal officer–him! 

     Yet, when nightfall came, David himself states: “I lay down and slept” (Psalm 3:5).  How often have God’s people not gotten a good night’s sleep under far less distressing and threatening circumstances.  So, how did David do it?  Psalm 3 explains. 

     First, David acknowledged his circumstances (v. 1).  David was not afraid of telling God in prayer things that God already knew.  Hopefully this is not a news flash, but the truth about confession is that you are not imparting new information to the omniscient God.  The Greek word literally means “to say the same thing.”  Have you ever stopped to ask who you are “saying the same thing” as?  A confession of Christ or a confession of sin is a statement in which you are saying the same thing about the matter as God has already!  Confession is not to inform God about something He does not know; it is designed to be a statement of the fact that you finally recognize the profound truth that God has already stated.  In other words, confession indicates that you are finally on the same page that God has always been on!  This is the first step to all spiritual health and the first thing needed to ensure a good night’s sleep.

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