David in the Midst of a (Spiritual) Terrorist Attack

     Like the giant Goliath, Satan loves to defy the soldiers of God’s army through fear on a daily basis (1st Samuel 17:3-11).  How often he pounds on the door of your heart with fear and threatens to kick it down.  What a nasty spiritual terrorist! 

     The third Psalm was apparently written while David (yes, David!) was in the midst of a spiritual terrorist attack.  As described in 2nd Samuel 15:13-17:22, David was running for his life.  Those who troubled him had increased; many had joined the forces of insurrection and chaos; a chorus of “expert” doomsday forecasters was loudly declaring that “there is no help for him in God” (Psalm 3:1-2).  What uncertainty!  What burdensome questions haunted him:  Was this the beginning of the end?  Would he still be alive and breathing at the next sunrise?  What happened to those left behind in Jerusalem?  How is this going to “play out”?

     What gruesome circumstances he faced!  His own son, Abslaom, had put a bounty on his head and sent an army out to seek and destroy him.  He was a fugitive.  All sense of sanity, safety, and personal well-being had been obliterated.  Long hidden hatred and animosity erupted all around him.  From his trusted advisor, now turncoat, Ahithophel (2nd Samuel 15:31) to his vicious enemy Shimei (2nd Samuel 16:5-8), David was under siege.  The tsunami of grief and sorrow which overwhelmed his soul flooded his eyes with tears (2nd Samuel 15:30).

     David’s only hope was all he needed.  It always is.

     His prayer of “Arise, O Lord, save me, O my God” was unmistakably heard and answered, even when in the midst of a spiritual terrorist attack.


     Because “salvation belongs to the Lord” (Psalm 3:8).

     Deliverance is Jehovah’s specialty.

     It still is.

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