There’s only Two

There are a number of things in life in which there genuinely are only two options.  Political correctness and postmodernism notwithstanding, there are in fact only two sexes.  Like the wild and domesticated animals that populate the earth, the fish and other creatures that fill the sea, and the birds, bats, and insects that orbit in earth’s atmosphere, when God created humanity He created two sexes–male and female.

In addition, humans only have a right hand and a left one.  There is a distinct difference between day and night.  And, as Jesus makes so abundantly clear in Matthew 7:13-14, there are only two gates, two ways, and two destinations to choose from in life.  When all of the dust in life has settled and humanity is called before the glorious throne of the glorious Son of Man and He separates all people like a shepherd dividing his sheep from the goats, there are only two possible verdicts–“Come” or “Depart” (Matthew 25:31ff.).

The first Psalm clearly declares the same thing–a person is either righteous or ungodly.  Your life is either like a tree firmly planted by rivers of water (verse 3) or like chaff which the wind blows whichever way it wants to (verse 4).

Your life is not a dream; it is a time of decision.  Don’t be chaff; be a tree.

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