God Speaking to us and for us

      Throughout my years of daily Bible reading which have taken me through both testaments every year, I must confess that I have not found the reading of the book of Psalms to be nearly as meaningful as others have.  Until recently.  In a Bible class presented by Jason Jackson (of fortifyyourfaith.org) and titled “Five Things I’ve Learned About Prayer” from the book of Psalms, he has this quote of Athanasius: “While the Bible speaks to us, the psalms speak for us.”  Since hearing that quote and listening to Jason’s masterful lesson and facing a personal trial, my reading of the Book of Psalms has never been the same.

In just the first ten psalms alone six were written in the context of grievous times.  See if any of these sounds familiar:  an increased number of toxic people in your life—troublemakers, opponents, and naysayers (3:1); distressing circumstances (4:1); others trying to turn your glory into shame because of their lack of character and love of falsehood (4:2); a time of groaning, tears, and grief caused by enemies (6:6-7); persecution brought by people who want to destroy you completely (7:1-2); enemies (9:3); trouble caused by people who hate you (9:13); trouble and persecution by the wicked (10:1).  These psalms were written during times in which the flames of the crucible of trials were turned up and burned hotly.  I’ve been there; done that.  How about you?

This has prompted me to start up this blog.  Its purpose is to provide some devotional material, especially from the psalms.  I trust you will find God speaking to us and for us to be beneficial to you; I know it has been for me.

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