The Legacy of the Righteous


     Your legacy is not determined by what the preacher says at your eulogy.  It is etched into history by the choices you make during the days that comprise your lifetime.  Moses’ counsel in Psalm 90 is to seek God’s compassion and mercy (vv. 13-14) to build your life (and thus your legacy) upon.

     With these two building blocks, the divine blessings of joy and gladness will permeate your days (vv. 14-15) and allow you to focus upon the Lord’s work for your life (v. 16).  Such a focus is blessed with the beauty of the Lord our God and the blessing of abiding permanence to your labors, a legacy that endures long after your death (v. 17).

     This is the blessed legacy of the righteous.

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Author: jchowning

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