The Blessings of Faith


     Although it appears as the concluding summary, the theme of Psalm 84 is “O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You!” (v. 12).  In the first eleven verses, one of the sons of Korah elaborates on three supreme blessings of faith.  These are:

  • The blessing of Praise. “How lovely is Your tabernacle, O Lord of hosts!  My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the Lord; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.  Even the sparrow has found a home and the swallow a nest for herself where she may lay her young—even Your altars, O Lord of hosts, my King and my God.  Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they will still be praising You” (vv. 1-4).  No greater, higher, or nobler privilege exists than the opportunity of worship.  Meditating upon the great I AM and His worthiness (i.e. His holiness, goodness, kindness, righteousness, mercy, justice, grace, providence, wisdom…) elevates the mind to the loftiest possible heights.
  • The blessing of Prayer. “Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on pilgrimage.  As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a spring; the rain also covers it with pools.  They go from strength to strength; each one appears before God in Zion.  O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer; give ear, O God of Jacob!” (vv. 5-8).  No greater, higher, or nobler challenge exists than the epic pilgrimage of faith.  Communing with the great I AM in prayer elevates one’s soul to the loftiest possible heights.
  • The blessing of Providence. “O God, behold our shield and look upon the face of Your anointed.  For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.  For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly” (vv. 9-11).  No greater, higher, or nobler blessing exists than the watchful care of God’s providence.  Trusting the great I AM’s love and wisdom elevates one’s heart to the loftiest possible heights.

     “O Lord of hosts, blessed is the man who trusts in You!”

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